Welcome to a whole new way of thinking regarding bisexuality. After reading this blog one may even begin to question their own sexuality. Includes a fresh take and enlightening discoveries Into the world of bisexuals.  This blog does contain some sexually explicit content, so feel free to fantasize and explore your own desires!

I hope to encourage and inspire spouses of bisexuals to accept and embrace their partners sexuality.  For me, it was unexpected to learn and nearly caused me to jump ship. Sticking it out, however, has provided me the best love life, sincerest soul mate and best best friend  imaginable.  Being open and honest has provided a bond nobody could break.

Inside I plan to cover a wide array of subject matter from shattering stereotypes to getting him truthful and open to role playing and erotic banter.  As well as some random pop culture and current event pieces to lighten things up.  You will an ongoing history of our growth as a Bisexual Couple and what that gets us into; remember we are Bi not Bi swingers.

Dr. Vanessa Snow, a proud wife of a bisexual husband😁