7 Common misconceptions about your male bisexual partner.

  1. He is going to cheat with another man.
    1. This is the first thing I wish I would have known when I found out my husband was bi was that he is not going to cheat on me with a man because of that.  I cannot count how many hours I wasted staying fixated on this non-issue.  Infidelity is infidelity no matter what gender you cheat with.  In reality my husband may be more likely to cheat with a female over a male.  But I knew one thing that my husband was no cheater!
  2. He must be gay.
    1. The thought that my husband may be gay flooded my thoughts for awhile.  I was finally able to reason and come to terms with the fact that my husband enjoys the sexual company of males but does not make him any less attracted to me.  Again this is a non-issue that many get caught up with.  My husband always made me feel sexy and beautiful.  He could not want sex enough.  I knew that we had an amazing, mind-blowing, wonderful sex life.  I had never been more sexually fulfilled.  He was the one that is able to make me squirt when I thought that it was a myth.  Not to mention he worshiped my pussy.  No gay man could perform or fake any of that for all those years.
  3. Bisexuality is a cop-out.
    1. They use this as a way to avoid coming out of the closet for being gay.  Imagine coming out as being bisexual, it seems easier to say they are gay.  Being gay is very socially acceptable but say your bi and watch peoples heads spin.
  4. No one is bisexual.
    1. You are either straight, gay, or lying was a common misbelief among society.
  5. Everyone is bisexual.
    1. This misnomer was started by Freud but could not be farther from the truth.
  6. You cannot truly be a bisexual unless you are equally attracted to males and females.
    1. As previously discussed there is a wide spectrum of bisexuality and one could fall anywhere along the those lines.
  7. Wants Attention. 
    1. This does not seem to be an example one would want to draw attention to for no reason.  Since people could potentially place judgement and shame upon the individual they would be better off finding another alternative to seek attention.
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