10 things you must know about doing your own taxes

Real Housewife of a Bisexual Husband

  1.  Its not hard to do–  TurboTax.com actually makes it easy for the average person.
  2. It may take longer the first time you do it on your own– It took me longer the first time I did my own taxes, but each year it gets easier and quicker!
  3. Take your time– If you breeze through it, you may actually miss out on tax breaks that you were unaware of.  Don’t look at it as another chore you have to complete, have fun with it!
  4. Read the tips the app or website gives you– that is where you discover tax breaks or additional information that you must provide.
  5. You probably will get more money back doing it yourself than by going to a tax place– that was my personal experience because you care more about getting the most money back than some accountant.
  6. Its cheaper–…

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