Quiz: Am I bisexual(female)?

Take the quiz and find out how bisexual you are!!!

Real Housewife of a Bisexual Husband

Certificate: Test results
Are You Bisexual? (For Women)

For 90 % you are: Hmm, you seem to be more on the straight side. If dating a girl and being in a relationship with her wouldn’t satisfy you, then you are probably aren’t bisexual, but only you know! Perhaps you could also just be pansexual! That means you are just gender blind and don’t care what the gender of a person is as long as you love them – maybe you are more for guys and the thought of dating a girl still seems awkward for religious or personal reasons, but either way, you could be pan! Look into that more! Whoever you are, please find happiness!:)
29 % of 163761 Quiz participants had this profile!

Take this quiz: Are You Bisexual? (For Women)

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