5 Benefits to Marrying a Bisexual

Real Housewife of a Bisexual Husband

  1.  Amazing intimacy- They seem to be more in tune with your sexual desires. That may be because they themselves possess different desires than most.  The closeness and comfort is extensively more intense in the bedroom and out.
  2. Introduction of amazing sex toys-  They are very open about integrating sex toys into the bedroom and it is fun to use them on your partner as well.  Before my husband, I had never owned a dildo. Now I have one that spins, vibrates, and has an attachment for extreme clitoral stimulation. The most amazing thing I have ever owned!
  3. Role Playing-  We all know that we love to role play, sometimes we are to shy to be open with what turns us on. With a bisexual, the openness is very comforting and never feel judged.   It makes for the best rapor of role playing sexual scenarios. One day you could play…

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