Launched in 2017 as a place for all that seek advice and awareness about bisexuality.  It provides specific insight for those that are in a relationship with a bisexual.  This site is a rapidly growing assortment of perception into the great unknown that is bisexuality.

If bisexuality is a foreign concept to you, this is your knowledge center.

If you are struggling with coping with the fact that your partner is bisexual, this is the safe and supportive place that is important to make home.

I discovered my husband was a bisexual two years ago.  I am in a great place to share my thoughts and experiences with those in similar circumstances.  I know you are confused, but trust me with open communication and love you will make it to an even better spot than where you began in your relationships.

I felt compelled to create this site because two years ago, I could have benefited greatly by reading something like this.  I want to save all of you that may be in a similar position from needless worry, sleepless nights, and racing thoughts.  If you can begin to understand it more quickly, you can begin to move on with your life and relationship in a well conceived timely manner.

I am not actually a housewife, I am a doctor.  My husband is the one that is staying home to take care of our little one.  We have been married for one year.  I met my husband 10 years ago while away on holiday.  We kept in touch over the years as much as we could, living in two different states.  Two years ago we reconnected and have been inseparable ever since.

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